Daniels Welchester Neighborhood Association
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NEW - Neighborhood Assn. Annual Meeting Tuesday (Oct. 9)

Please join your neighbors for our Annual Meeting this Tuesday at 6:30 pm at Welchester Elementary. There will be updates and discussions about neighborhood issues and events. It's an opportunity for you to share your ideas and hear what's on the minds of others in Daniels Welchester.

When: Tuesday, Oct. 9, at 6:30 pm
Where: Welchester Elementary
13000 W 10th Ave.


Neighborhood Picnic Was Awesome (Posted July 8)

The annual picnic for the Daniels Welchester Neighborhoods was held on August 7th at Daniels Park. Some 150 of your neighbors turned out for great food, for great music, to meet and talk safety with members of the Lakewood PD and Jeffco Sheriff's Office, to chat with the mayor and other local elected officials, to get up close with a really cool fire engine and an equally cool retro police car, and best of all, to celebrate this amazing neighborhood with old and new friends.

Thanks to Diane for the 50 pounds of wonderful BBQ beef and the many others who brought great food, and for the live music by Maverick Mike. Special thanks to the Lakewood PD, Jeffco Sheriff's Office, West Metro Fire (kids went bonkers for the fire engine), Mayor Paul, Councilors Johnson and Able, Commissioner Francone and Lakewood Together. (Sorry if we forgot someone.)

NEW - Development Updates (posted July 30)
12300 W Colfax Ave (Colfax and Wide Acres triangle property)

Meeting was held at the FirstBank building. They gave short tours of the building - what a beautiful design. FirstBank has 1,100 employees in that location and only approximately 800 parking places. It is now clear why they are interested in the triangle property for parking.

The final design of the parking garage has not been determined. The lay of the land and the drainage create some obstacles they are going to spend some time working on. Current thought is a two-story structure, but the zoning will allow for a taller structure. We'll continue to communicate with FirstBank as the design process proceeds. What they have committed to is directing all access points to West Colfax. It is specifically called out in the proposed zoning that there be no vehicle access (except emergency vehicles) onto Wide Acres. They have also taken out of the zoning any allowance for residential or entertainment facilities. This assures our neighborhood that if this property should ever change hands in the future those restrictions will still be in place.

We discussed lighting and the fact that they will need to assure that the lighting is downcast and on a motion detector so it does not remain on all night. Security was also brought up and the current view is that the garage will have a gate that comes down in the evening locking off access unless they are a bank employee. At some point the bank intends to build a tunnel under Colfax for pedestrian access.

A concern was raised about the close proximately to the cemetery next to the site. FirstBank has met with the cemetery management and together they have reviewed the historic records of the locations of graves closest to the property. If there is an unmarked grave unearthed during contraction they will stop and allow the cemetery to relocate the grave.

It appeared that everyone in attendance came away with a good feeling about the project. While leaving it open was maybe preferable, we have also had issues with accumulation of trash and homeless camps on this long neglected property. FirstBank maintains their properties well and we have noticed the improvement to the site already.

Our Association is pleased that FirstBank has chosen to communicate with our neighborhood on this project and we feel they have come up with a good plan for that piece of property. It is very close to our park and a use such as this will not have a detrimental affect on the neighborhood park and our neighborhood as a whole as all the other proposed uses would have.

Another update will be at the annual DWNA meeting in October.

730 Simms Street (Long-vacant office building)

Meeting was held at the property. They gave us some info about the developer and the residential projects he has done around the Metro area.

Although the 730 Simms building has been vacant for 12 years, it is surprisingly well maintained. They are proposing to purchase the building from the current owner and convert it into 210 apartments. The parking will be over 1:1 which is encouraging to see a plan that will accommodate more vehicles instead of the .75 the city requires. They are planning to add an additional floor that has some setback from the outer rim of the building. See concept design.

Because they are utilizing an existing structure they are projecting the rents will be slightly more affordable than other units in the area. The developer said the goal is to provide housing priced to allow teachers, firefighters, police and others who provide critical services to live in the community they serve.

For this project to move forward there will need to be a change in the zoning. The current zoning is C-R for commercial use. The developer is proposing a change to M-R-S. That will eliminate some of the uses, drop the maximum height from 90ft down to 60ft, and very importantly, require 25% of the lot be open space. See M-R-S below.

Current Zoning - C-R Zoning Fact Sheet

Proposed Zoning - M-R-S Zoning Fact Sheet

This issues we normally have with projects such as this do not seem to be as insurmountable in this case. With an existing structure the current drainage will not be as disrupted and cause issues to the neighboring buildings. The traffic pattern will not route any of the increase in or through our neighborhood. Cars leaving the property onto Simms will be required to make a right turn, to head north. The developer is still working on options to facilitate reaching 6th Ave. without having to make dangerous U-turns on Simms. This will allow for various traffic patterns and not all will be on Simms.

As you may know, the Daniels Welchester Neighborhood Association is not normally a fan of residential development of this size. However, we feel this one is located properly and we have appreciated the good communication exchange with the owners who have made significant changes to address neighborhood concerns. We also appreciate their willingness to revitalize a building that has sat vacant for so long.

Tree Grant Park Public Meeting - Tues., July 10

Jeffco Open Space will hold a public meeting on Tuesday, July 10, and one of the agenda items is a discussion of our beloved Tree Grant Park. It appears that nothing of note is planned for the park. The meeting is an opportunity for the Open Space board to receive public input that could be considered for future management of the park.

Click Here for Meeting Notice

Click Here for Parks Management Plans - (Tree Grant Park starts on page 48)

When: Tuesday, July 10, at 6 pm
Where: Wheat Ridge Rec Center
4005 Kipling St.


Large Turnout at Neighborhood Meeting on Condo Development (posted 3/14/2018)

The neighborhood meeting about plans to develop the empty lot on the north side of Wide Acres across from the basketball courts in Daniels Park was held on Tuesday, March 13.

About 140 of our neighbors attended the meeting to see a presentation by the owner/developer and his consultants, and to ask questions and express their concerns. Lakewood and the developer were anticipating about 50 would attend. As usual, it was a great turnout. The Daniels Welchester neighborhoods have always stepped up to protect the amazing community that we and our predecessors have built here over the past 70+ years.

Major takes from the meeting.

  • Many of the comments expressed concerns that a development with 150 rental condos is too big of a project for that location. One person made the point that if we accept high-density there, it sets a precedent that makes it easier for other high-density housing projects around our neighborhood.
  • Maybe the most passionate comments were about drainage. People are truly scared about how this project will impact their homes. They pointed out that the current drainage down Wide Acres has long been inadequate, resulting in basement, yard and street flooding. The developerís engineering consultant said there are rules they must follow to address those concerns. We've heard that before. It appears that they donít really understand the full extent of the problem so many of our neighbors regularly deal with. There have been numerous stories throughout our neighborhoods about how development projects that "followed the rules" have not prevented major drainage problems.
  • There is great concern about increased traffic on Wide Acres, Welch and other streets in our neighborhood. We were told the traffic study has not been done yet. The current proposal shows direct access onto Wide Acres. The clear mood of the audience was that access onto Wide Acres is unacceptable. A representative of the developer said they would look into restricting access to Wide Acres. That brought applause from the audience.
  • The developer was asked why he wanted to annex into Lakewood instead of staying in unincorporated Jeffco. It was pointed out that while the development would be in Lakewood, many of the impacts would hit the part of our neighborhood that is not in Lakewood. That means that, if the annexation and rezoning are approved, we would have little ability to have our concerns addressed since we are not represented by any elected officials in Lakewood, and Jeffco would have no say in the approval of the final plans for the project or the ability to force the property owner to address concerns after construction.
  • Concerns were also expressed about light pollution and impacts on Daniels Park.

The meeting lasted more than two hours. The developer and Lakewood planning kept stressing that this was just the beginning of the process and that they wanted our input. The next step would be an official application from the developer to have the property annexed into Lakewood and zoned for high-density housing. After an application is submitted it must go to public hearings before the city's planning commission and city council. It's the city council that makes the decision on annexation and rezoning. If the council approves, then the remaining plans and approvals are in the hands of the city's planning director. At the neighborhood meeting, the representative from Lakewood said completing all of the steps would likely take nine months to a year before construction could begin.

Check here, on our Facebook page, and on Nextdoor for updates. See below for links to documents about the project.

Rental Condo Development - Links and Documents


Major Development Public Meeting on Tuesday, March 13, 2018

On Tuesday, March 13th, at 6 PM, there will be a neighborhood meeting for a proposal to build 150 rental condos on the vacant property just north of the Daniels Park basketball court. This is an updated plan of the proposal from two years ago.

The development will have a large impact on our neighborhood and Daniels Park. It will add hundreds of people, cars and dogs on just five acres. This may be our only opportunity to learn about the project, ask questions of the property owner/developer, share our concerns and make recommendations for changes to the plan. Please plan to attend.

This neighborhood meeting is required as part of the planning process. It is the first step. The property is currently in unincorporated Jeffco and zoned for commercial development. The property owner wants to have the property annexed by Lakewood and zoned multi-use, multi-family residential. Staff from the Lakewood Planning Dept. will attend the meeting. This may be our only opportunity as a neighborhood to express our concerns directly to the developer and Lakewood Planning before the plan goes to formal hearings at the Lakewood Planning Commission and then the Lakewood City Council for approval or denial.

Here is the official notice - CLICK HERE. Please let your neighbors know about the meeting by sharing this post and the notice. And please check back here for updates.

Additional documents: Prelim Site Plan (NEW) ///// Description by Developer (NEW) ///// Response from Lakewood Planning (NEW)

When: Tuesday, March 13, at 6 pm
Where: Golden Hill Office Building
12600 W. Colfax Avenue
(The big white building on hill above Daniels Park ) - map




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Minutes of Past Meetings

The minutes of association meetings are posted on the 'association business' page after they are approved.

Annual Events

Our neighborhood comes together for two events each year - National Night Out and our Annual Meeting.

Our Annual Night Out Picnic is held in Daniels Park each August. On a national basis, the event is intended to promote safety and reduce crime. Each year the Lakewood Police and Jeffco Sheriff send representatives to speak and answer questions. But, of course, it's a great opportunity to visit with neighbors.

The Annual Meeting is held each October, usually at Welchester Elementary. At the meeting, we elect board members and officers and discuss issues that effect our neighborhood.

Why we need an association

The Daniels Welchester neighborhood is more than 60 years old. With an association we can undertake projects that will benefit the entire community, such as a community garden. Currently, it includes over 2000 households. Some are in unincorporated Jefferson County. Some are in Lakewood. Jeffco and Lakewood often make decisions that impact our neighborhood. A legally established and operating association gives us a much stronger voice in protecting our neighborhood and raising money for community projects.

Equally important is that an association gives us a way to keep Daniels Welchester residents informed about what is happening in the neighborhood. And it provides a forum for all of us to suggest ways of making our neighborhood even better.

What is the association

This is a neighborhood association that advocates for the community. We look for and encourage public projects that will enhance the safety and quality of life in our community. We keep the lines of communications open to elected and appointed local government officials as an early warning system of plans by local governments that might impact the neighborhood. As issues arise, the association brings together the residents of the neighborhood to express our concerns.

Its mission is only to advocate for the neighborhood. It is NOT a homeowners' association. It does NOT have covenants or deed restrictions. It does NOT tell residents what they can and cannot do with their homes. It does NOT have assessments or provide services.

The association is voluntary organization. All residents who live within our borders (see border information above and to the right) may join if they choose to, but are NOT required to join. Any money contributed to the association is voluntary and will be spent on community projects.

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